Shechinah, The Face of the Divine Feminine

People are often surprised to learn that there is a Divine Feminine Face of God in Judaism and that there are many feminine references to God in our writings.  Yet, like a finely cut gem, the Divine One is multifaceted – Elohim, Adonai, El Shaddai, Yah, etc.  Shechinah, the Divine Feminine Face of God is one of the lesser known aspects.  As people today look for greater spiritual connection within Judaism, they are no longer satisfied to assume God is a “He” existing somewhere “out there.”  The growing awareness of Shechinah expands and strengthens our understanding of Judaism, the role of the feminine in our history, and our ability to connect with our spiritual nature.

With this new understanding, interest has increased in learning the back stories of Torah such as the cultural settings in which Judaism evolved.  There is great curiosity about the matriarchs and other women in the Bible.  We have much to learn by shifting our position and looking at Torah from the feminine side which appears repeatedly in Torah, subtly woven within the more commonly acknowledged masculine interpretation.

When we ask who Sarai was and where she came from, what is Hagar’s real story, and Rivkah’s and Bilhah’s, when we begin to consider how we can learn from our ancient mothers, we open new paths to understand not only Torah and Judaism, but ourselves as well.  This is important for everyone who seeks deeper understanding of Judaism and the nature of the Divine.  It is especially significant for women who too often have learned only a one-sided perspective where women’s stories and roles were glossed over or ignored. There is so much more to our stories than you can imagine!


Posted October 30, 2012 by ketzirah-admin